Drive less

                  The engine on, the gates opened;
          ready to go, to nowhere land.
I hate to start, don't want to leave.
                                 The drive less me, can't write, can't do
I am drive less, cause there's no you.

Inside story: This piece of literary art was done during an activity in an English class. The picture above was a painting done by Vincent Van Gogh in the 19th century. The task was to make any piece from the painting.

                                                        Photographs. Memories.
                                                                by Paul John Lanic

        It's been awhile since the last time I saw her bedroom. It was still on its last setting: the bed by the wall, the table, the jars and bottles, the chairs, her clothes, the dying blue wallpaper, the windowsills... the picture frames that were hang all over. It was painful. The memory of her sleeping on that same old bed caused me the same pain that I felt before.
        She was on her 20's when I met her. Beautiful in her long hair, her brown eyes shielded by her glasses, the simplicity of her being -- everything in her amazed me. We became friends. In fact, higher than any human relations. She was my best friend, my mentor, my mother, my love. She was the only girl who made me realize what life is all about. Everything was fine. Until one day, she was hit by an illness and decided to live the rest of her life inside her bedroom. Slowly, very slowly, her not-so-good health worsened.
        On that last day, alone with her on her bed, we talked about so many things. I thought she has taught me everything she knew about life, but I was dead wrong. More wisdom comes out as life is about to end. Painfully for me, she died. But the memories of her was still clinging on her bedroom. Her soft voice echoed throughout the quiet room as I opened the door. Her pictures smiled at me as tears find their way out of my eyes. The photographs in her bedroom were the last living memories of her -- memories that will and shall never be deleted in my long-term memory.
i don't need the whole lot of June and May
                       i just need half of the day.
by the mid-pool you climbed my back,
      your soothing touch gave me a shock.

    the dark sky pelted us with rain,
the only thing that made us insane.
               i heard your voice, i saw your eyes
i touched your hands, this time no more alibis.

i failed to tell you the thing that i should've told you ages ago.
                                        for the nth time, i failed yet again.

I pulled you to the gardens, there I heard you sang.
   The poison of your kiss still lingers in my tongue.
     Ran away from my palace as you hear that bell;
The scene of you leaving me still pains me like hell.

 Now you're gone, nowhere to be found
leaving me with a slipper on the ground.
              Oh Cinderella where are you?
 You don't know what I'm going through.

Midnight passed as well as daylight.
 I'm still staring at this glass slipper.
  I'll roam the world till I find the right
            girl, that's you and no other.

                                           And no other... and no other...

And no other girl I'll wish I have, for you're the only one I love.

                    I may not be you real prince,
               you may not be a real princess.
There might be no more fairy god mothers..
                  but 'til the end I am your lover.





By Paul Lanic

The scent of the summer song
ends in the last dance of
the candle - lit beside my

The tracks of time is engraved in
the stepping stones where
the first leaves of winter

The moon casts darkness to
the person lying beside the warmth of
the candles; seeking in the pitch, black silence for



For Her.



For Her
by Paul John P. Lanic

I may roam this world as long as i want
I'll search for her until it ends my hunt.
'til I realized what I am doing
I am not searching instead I'm waiting.

She's in the corner when I first saw her
Sweet, best memories I'll keep forever.
Oh God! I fell in love with just her name
As fast as the wind, so fast that it came.

A feeling that brings me up to the sky,
like a hazy summer that makes me high.
Then again, days would always come and go
but this I'll always say, I love you so.
 Kay tagal na pala nang huli akong magsulat
Kay tagal na pala nang huli kong ibuklat
Binasa’t inalala,
Tatlong taong lipas na.
Lahat ng sakit at hirap ko
Tumulong upang  ako’y maging isang tunay na tao.
Nangungulila ako sa mga araw na nagdaan.
Nais  kong maulit lahat ng nakaraan.

Gusto ko ulit makasama kayo sa mga kalokohan.
Gusto kong kasama kayo noong oras ng kasiyahan.
Kahit na minsan ay puro kabulastugan
Di ko yun makalilimutan kahit kailan.

Ngayon tatlong buwan nalang ang natitira
Pano natin uubusin ang nalalabing oras?
Di pa ma’y sabik na kong muling makita
Ang mga taong kasama ko sa tatlong taong lumipas.

Tatlong buwan nalang tayo’y magtatapos na.
Ibig-sabihin ba’y paalam na rin alaala?
Di ko alam kung pano ito tanggapin,
Kaya ko kaya pag atin nang haharapin?
Kung ano pa man, ako ay masaya
Basta’t sa pag-martsa kayo ang kasama.
Kayo na parte na ng buhay ko
Parteng pinakamasaya sa lahat ng mundo.
Ako’y nagpapasalamat pagkat nakilala ko kayo,
Sa buhay ko’y di kayo estranghero.
Sa oras na maghiwalay tayo,
nawa’y  maalala  niyo ako.

Ika-apat na tao’y malapit nang magwakas
Hirap at tagumpay ating pinaghirapan.
Malapit na nating harapin ang sunod na bukas,
Walang limutan ating pakatandaan.





darkness filled the shallow lake.
a witch talks, oh heaven's sake.
hoarse, angry, orotund voice
silence ringing,what a noise.

concentration where are you?
deep in limbo feeling blue.
while pupil, the pupil has
all the offers lie in grass.

king of flare will set in throne,
signs of mercy not yet shown.
Showing final rays of time,
witch is not done with her crime.

Soon queen Luna luminates
what she loves and what she hates.
Giving wisdom to the witch,
sleeping time is for the bitch.