I pulled you to the gardens, there I heard you sang.
   The poison of your kiss still lingers in my tongue.
     Ran away from my palace as you hear that bell;
The scene of you leaving me still pains me like hell.

 Now you're gone, nowhere to be found
leaving me with a slipper on the ground.
              Oh Cinderella where are you?
 You don't know what I'm going through.

Midnight passed as well as daylight.
 I'm still staring at this glass slipper.
  I'll roam the world till I find the right
            girl, that's you and no other.

                                           And no other... and no other...

And no other girl I'll wish I have, for you're the only one I love.

                    I may not be you real prince,
               you may not be a real princess.
There might be no more fairy god mothers..
                  but 'til the end I am your lover.

ann without E :)

still her. sweet! XD


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