Prepared by Paul John P. Lanic
B.S. Psychology - University of Santo Tomas
(June 2011) 

“The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The great teacher inspires.”

                                              -William Arthur Ward 

What is Educational Psychology?

                “Educational Psychology is a track of Psychology that specializes in understanding teaching and learning in educational settings.” –Santrock, 200

- studies how people (with all their historical) abilities learn something in particular, physical and social setting… Teachers must know their students. They must know how their students make sense of specific subjects. 

Educational Psychologist…
  • Educational Psychologists help gather information for teachers and parents when students have academic or behavioral problems.
  • They assist by evaluating students’ thinking abilities and assessing individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Together with the parents and teachers, they formulate plan for the betterment in the educational setting.
  • They work in school, classroom, colleges and in the industry.
  • They may also work in consulting organizations.

What is Effective Teaching?             

        An effective teacher must have professional knowledge and skills and commitment and motivation.

Professional Knowledge and Skills
1.       Subject matter competence
2.       Instructional strategies
3.       Goal-setting and instructional planning skills
4.       Classroom management skills
5.       Motivational skills
6.       Working effectively with students from culturally diverse backgrounds
7.       Technological skills

Commitment and Motivation
1.       Good attitude
2.       Caring about students 

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