I may not know if this statement is true.
Maybe I'm just overgeneralizing.
But in my opinion, this is true.

Who on earth wouldn't want to be loved???

A man like me would always dream and wish this...
"all i ever wanted is to be loved."
Not that I / we do not feel being loved literally but what I'm saying is that all that I have dreamed is someone loving me...

to those who know,... they know the story why I'm still single... why I don't search for someone... for another girl... to those who don't, maybe it is better for you not to...

month of love is way back months over... but still, there's no exact time to talk about love, for love is always timeless..

To you who's reading this post at this very moment,...
maybe it is about time to say "i love you" to those important to you... for they might also need love...

but still... it is not the way you say it that matters, it is the content of the sentence.
Give importance to people around you... with all the disasters that is happening and will be happening, we'll never know...

maybe, you are the one that that person is waiting for... the one person that can fulfill a person's dream...

the dream of being loved.

-Pablo Juan

    "A little faith can do wonders... A little faith."
    -Bishop Aringarosa, The Da Vinci Code

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    Sa parteng ito, inaaasahan ko po ang inyong malawak na pang-unawa, bukas na pag-iisip at matatag na paninindigan. 

    Ang parteng ito ay sampu ng aking mga opinyon, tama man o mali, akin pong pinaninindigan. 

    Wala pa man ay humihingi na po ako ng kapatawaran. Matabil ang aking panulat, masakit ang aking salita. Kung masaktan man kita, oo, ikaw na mambabasa, nawa'y patawarin mo ang aking pagsubok na ipakita ang realidad ng buhay.


    Salamat sa pagbabasa, mabuhay ka, oh mambabasa!

    -Pablo Juan


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